Supply and distribution

Currently CJSC Belarusian Oil Company exports oil products of Belarusian refineries – OJSC Naftan and JSC Mozyr Oil Refinery.

Sales of oil products are carried out within the framework of:

1Spot contracts (monthly volume) concluded on a competitive basis

The Buyer is chosen during the open tenders on the United Trading Site of the Belarusian State Concern for Oil and Chemistry Belneftekhim (

The procedure of cooperation via the United Trading Site of UE Belarusian Oil Trading House

In order to participate in the tenders of eTrading System, you shall register by filling  in the form

The account is activated after:

1) Providing a package of constituent and statutory documents confirming your company's legal status and legal capacity (if your company was involved in trading earlier, you do not need to submit the documents) such as: 

  • Legalized Extract from the Enterprise Register of the country of incorporation; 
  • Charter; 
  • Certificate of Registration;
  • Document confirming signatory authority;

 2) Transferring a Security Deposit.

Documents shall be apostilled, translated into Russian and notarized

Security deposit agreement

Order for shipment of petroleum products for export

2Long-term contracts

The Buyer is chosen according to the results of an open tender held by CJSC Belarusian Oil Company.

The evaluation criteria for choosing the Winner are the following

  • The highest proposed correction (price);
  • The biggest volume of the Goods claimed to be purchased.

You can find information on open tenders on our website under   "Bidding" and on the websites of the Refineries.

To participate in a tender an Applicant shall submit to CJSC Belarusian Oil Company the copies of the following constituent and statutory documents

  • Charter (Articles of Association);
  • Certificate of Registration; 
  • Extract from the Trade register of the bidder's country of incorporation or other equivalent evidence of the legal status and legal capacity of the entity recognized as such by the legislation of the country of incorporation (hereinafter - the Extract). The Extract shall be issued not later than 6 months before the date of the Tender; 
  • Power of Attorney confirming the authority of an individual to submit, on behalf of the bidder, a bid, in case the bid is signed by a person not specified in the Extract. The power of attorney shall be signed by an authorized person.

The documents shall be provided in hard copy, certified by a competent authority of the bidder’s country of incorporation (consular legalization, apostille, notarization - as applicable), translated into Russian, the translation shall be certified in accordance with the established procedure. The translation shall be notarized or apostilled.

The submitted documents shall be valid as of the date of the tender.

Visit the company's website (Bidding) to get more detailed information on additional terms of sales of oil products, the tender and bidding procedures.

Contract drafts for review:

FOB Frame Contracts of CJSC Belarusian Oil Company

Frame Contracts of CJSC Belarusian Oil Company

Order for shipment of petroleum products for export

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