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In 2017 CJSC Belarusian Oil Company continues to take an active part in the popularization and development of Modern pentathlon of Belarus. Among main achievements of Belarusian pentathletes in 2017 are: three medals of European Modern Pentathlon Championship in Minsk (Anastasia Prokopenko won gold medal in the individual competition, Tatsiana Khaldoba and Ekaterina Orel were bronze medalists in the women's relay, and Anastasia Prokopenko, Olga Silkina and Tatsiana Khaldoba were bronze medalists in the Women’s team rating); Irina Prosentsova and Kirill Kasyanik won gold medals in the mixed relay of the Second Stage of the World Cup in Cairo; Ilya Polozkov and Tatsiana Khaldoba were silver medalists in the mixed relay of the Third Stage of the World Cup in Kecskemet.

Significant success was achieved by the representatives of the young generation of pentathletes, including four medals of the European Cup U17 in Prague; gold medal in the individual competition (Ekaterina Etina) and in the mixed relay (Ekaterina Etina, Alexei Khurs), and also bronze medal in the youth relay (Nikita Petrovsky and Maxim Fedotko) of the European Championship U17 in Pazardzhik; Ivan Khamtsov and Evgenia Orel won bronze medal in the relay at the European Junior Championship in Barcelona; Nikita Ivarovsky and Vladislav Ostrovsky won silver medal in the men's relay race of the World Championship U19 in Prague.

In 2017 , three open national Biathle and Triathle tournaments were held with the participation of more than 400 of the smallest athletes, including guests from the Ukraine. The Federation organized the participation of promising children in the Open Cup of SKA in Lviv, where the Belarusians managed to win seven different medals.

Since 2013 CJSC Belarusian Oil Company has been sponsoring the Belarusian Boxing Federation .

The funds received as a result of financial support were spent for sports equipment acquisition, training camps for National and Olympic boxing teams of the Republic of Belarus, national and international competitions, participation in contests abroad.

During the time of cooperation between the Belarusian Boxing Federation and CJSC Belarusian Oil Company Belarusian boxers achieved great results getting medals at European and World Competitions. In 2013 Minsk hosted the European Championship where our sportsmen got 4 medals, 3 of which were bronze (P.Kostromin, S.Novikov, V.Zuev) and one was silver (V.Safaryants).

At the first European Games that were held in Baku (the Republic of Azerbaijan) in 2014 Dmitry Asanov was second and at the 2015 World Championship in Doha (Qatar) received a bronze and got a license for the Olympic Games in Rio-de-Janeiro.

The rather high results of Belarusian sportswomen at the 2014 European Championship in Romania should be mentioned. Vladislava Koloskova was fifth. She got a bronze medal at the 2015 European Championship in Hungary. Yana Burim and Victoria Kebikova came fifth at the first European Games in Baku.

Three boxers - D.Asanov, P.Kostromin and M.Dolgolevets – represent Belarus at the XXXI Olympic Games in Rio-de-Janeiro 2016 .

Year in, year out CJSC Belarusian Oil Company supports the initiatives for modern pentathlon development in the Republic of Belarus. The country’s national team has successfully participated in a great number of international competitions both in the country and abroad.

2015, the year of the 60 th anniversary of the modern pentathlon in the Republic of Belarus, saw the biggest global forum of this kind of sports in Minsk – the World Modern Pentathlon Cup Final.

The prestigious event in which 72 strongest sportsmen of modern pentathlon from 23 countries of the world (36 sportsmen and 36 sportswomen including four Belarusians: P.Tikhonov, R.Pinchuk, A.Prokopenko and I.Procentsova) participated, was sponsored by CJSC Belarusian Oil Company. It was the final stage of a series of contests embracing the five continents.

The biggest A-Class Pentathlon Competition was held in Belarus for the first time, and what is especially pleasant is that it was this international competition that was announced by the UIPM as Competition of the Year. The prestigious title was given to the World Modern Pentathlon Cup Final in Minsk for the year’s most remarkable achievements in modern pentathlon within the 67th Congress of the International Modern Pentathlon Union (UIPM) that took place on 7-8 November in Taipei (Taiwan).

Supported by CJSC Belarusian Oil Company the Belarussian pentathletes continue their successful performances in the most important international competitions.

The achievements of 2015 inpired the Belarussian sportsmen to achieve good results in 2016. A.Prokopenko proves her stellar status by winning in the Olympic year the 4th World Cup stage in Kecskemet and getting the bronze medal in the individual classification at the 3d World Cup stage in Rome. A few weeks after that remarkable victory E.Orel and N.Gayanovsky won the silver in mixed relay at the World Cup Final in the US city of Sarasota. A.Prokopenko and I.Polozkov are also the bronze medalists in mixed relay of the Moscow World Cup. And the pentathletes from the Belarusian city of Gomel -- E.Orel and I.Procentsova brought the bronze in women's race home.

The national team remains successful at junior international competitions having won 5 different medals at Junior European Modern Pentathlon Championship in Drzonkow (including gold in mixed relay by I.Procentsova and I.Polozkova and 4 bronze medals in races and team classification).

A proof of the high status of modern pentathlon in Belarus is the fact that Anastasya Prokopenko, a representative from the Belarusian national team, received a qualification license for participation in the 2016 Rio-de-Janeiro Olympic Games , where she will defend our country’s honour among the world's best modern pentathletes.

In 2015 CJSC Belarusian Oil Company gave a financial support to the Social Association Belarusian Federation of Triathlon (SA BFT ).

All the funds received by SA BFT due to the financial support in 2015 were spent for triathlon development in the Republic of Belarus. Thus, there were bought 2 racing bikes for Children and Youth’s Sports Schools in Brest and Droghichin. 8 sportsmen and 2 coaches were delegated to participate in the Schoolchildren World Triathlon Championship in Versailles (France) and brought two medals: a silver one in individual race and a bronze one in relay race.

Also, the Belarusian best triathlete Anna Maksimova had the opportunity to represent our country at the Motala Long Distance Triathlon World Championship in Sweden where she came 7 th, the best result in the history of the Belarusian triathlon. This result enabled her to have the title of International Master of Sport of Belarus.

A coach hired with the funds received by SA BFT as a result of our cooperation took more than 50 sportsmen of different ages to the Open Baltic Championship in Lithuanian Kupiškis who won different medals at their age categories. The best triathlete of the country Alexandr Vasilevich became the Winner in the Elite category.

Part of the financial support was directed for sponsoring mass amateurs start of classical triathlon in Belarus (3.8 km swimming – 180 km bike racing – 42.2 km marathon) that took place on June 27-28, 2015, at the Zaslav Reservoir near Youth Health Resort and involved more than 450 sportsmen from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Finland and the USA.

In its business activities Closed Joint Stock Company Belarusian Oil Company is guided by its commitment to social accountability. This refers both to company’s cooperation with its business partners and its activities at the internal and governmental levels.

In its activities CJSC Belarusian Oil Company focuses upon support of the socially important spheres of public life such as health care, sport, public welfare.

In 2014 CJSC Belarusian Oil Company rendered financial support to the non-governmental organization Belarusian Federation of Modern Pentathlon for Junior European Championship held in the Republic of Belarus. Thanks to the Junior European Championship in Minsk young people could learn more about modern pentathlon which originates from the ancient Olympic traditions.

During the Junior European Championship held in Minsk from June 17 to 23, 2014 the best sportsmen from 19 countries participated in this complicated and exciting type of multi-sport competition which includes 5 sport disciplines: horse-riding, fencing, shooting, swimming and running. Belarusian sportsmen managed to win two medals during the Junior European Championship. The hosts became the champions of the continent in the team event among men. Gold medals were won by Ilya Polozkov, Denis Zelenkevich and Kirill Kasyanik with total score of 4285 points.

The purpose of Junior European Championship is to make modern pentathlon more popular in our country, to involve young people into sport and to strengthen the sport reputation of the Republic of Belarus on the international arena.

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