CJSC “Belarusian Oil Company” exports the following oil products from JSC “Mozyr OR”

  • Unleaded gasoline AI-92-Euro-K5;
  • Motor gasoline AI-92-K3;
  • Unleaded gasoline AI-95-Euro-K5;
  • Unleaded motor gasoline AI-98-K5-Euro;
  • Petroleum benzene;
  • Gasoline-pyrolysis feedstock / Straight-run gasoline;
  • Motor gasoline Eurobob;
  • Propane-butane automotive;
  • Road bitumen / Roofing bitumen;
  • Vacuum gas oil;
  • Vacuum gas straight;
  • Hydrotreated vacuum gas oil;
  • High-octane gasoline component (alkylate);
  • Liquified petroleum gases;
  • Diesel DT-L-K4 (K5), Grade C;
  • Diesel DT-Z-K4 (K5), Grade F;
  • Diesel DT-Z-K5, class 0, class 2, class 4;
  • Kerosene technical, ecologically clean;
  • Kerosene, ecologically improved;
  • Illuminating Oil, Grade KO-20;
  • Fuel oil 100;
  • Mixed residual oil;
  • Jet fuel JET A1;
  • Jet fuel grade RT;
  • LPG;
  • Black carbon feedstock;
  • Slurry Oil of MSCC Unit;
  • Propane-propylene fraction of MSCC Unit.

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