On the implementation of diesel fuel DT-A-A5, Class 4 production of "Oil Refinery"


The information about tenders can be found below.

Dear sirs! 

CJSC "Belarusian Oil Company" as the information reports that are currently ready to offer to implement Diesel DT-A-A5, Class 4 STB 1658-2012 production of "Oil Refinery". 

Filterability temperature limit: -44 ° C; cloud point of -34 ° C.

If you are interested with employees prosimsvyazatsya CJSC "Belarusian Oil Company": 

- Alexey Zadorozhnyy - Deputy Head of Marketing Tel. + 375 (17) 218 12 12 dob.673, 

- Kuntcevich Eugene - team leader prodvizheniyanefteproduktov to foreign markets + 375 (17) 218 12 12 dob.669

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